Instructions of Graphene Waust Heating Pad


Improve lumbar muscle strain and cold injury.

Release heat from inside out, promote blood circulation and relieve pain.

It is the first choice for close fitting clothes, which can keep your body dry and ventilated.


Warm Surround waist, warmth around 

In the life, the waist and abdomen always gets problem, Waist Heating Pad protection must use now

Seasonal cold / sports injury / sedentary aches / lumbar disc herniation

Portable Power Generator

50000mAh Compact Size Portable Power Station

Designed to go anywhere you do, 4.76*3.94*3.94in size and 45.15oz weight, take the imuto protable power bank with your business trip, traveling, parties, BBQ and outdoor activities like camping, mountain climbing and picnic, or Pokemon Go, Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Run games.

am Tip

- To come to AC 115V/100W (Peak 160W)output function, kindly please buy our 100W AC Power Inverter M5-P01 separately and assemble it with the main part M5.

- It may not support devices with small currents under 1A, like some bluetooth headsets, smartwatches and so on. If you are not sure about the compatibility, please feel free to consult us.

Breathable, washable, foldable graphene rapid thermal technology AIHF water-based three-dimensional composite, graphene heating module (graphene rapid thermal display chart)

Graphene care kit intimate warmth 

(graphene technology, three adjustment temperature, fast heating, washing , no harmful radiation, warm lasting, lightweight and portable, reduce discomfort, activating power, gentle comfortable, no restraint, Sports protection, Dehumidify and Exhaust cold, heat evently, Lycra fabric)

Warmth from the inside to out 

Hinave far infrared light wave conversion enhancement technology

Work with Solar Panel

Easily powered from compatible solar panel, like imuto 36W(SOL-P36)/60W (SOL-P60) Solar Charger. It supplies the backup power sources with maximum 150W capacity for indoor and outdoor usage without noises and fumes. (solar panel sold separately)

Skin-friendly Lycra fabric, soft and good feeling. Soft and comfortable, fast heat transmission, good ventilation and conductivity, anti-sweat.

Demonstrate multiple power supply options:power bank, wall plug, laptop USB port, easy bring, easy use


1.For different parts, Neck Wrop can improve cervical spondylosis, Waist Belt can improve lumbar muscle strain and cold injury, Knee Brace can improve sciatica, arthritis, spasmodic pain, ete, It can relieve muscle spansm, improve tendon softness, speed up metabolism, improve blood circulation, and change the iinteranl encironment of the body.

2.3 mode temperature control, heat uniformity, only 4 steps, easy to use. 10 seconds fast heating, 60 seconds can reach 95'F - 131 'F preset temperoture.

3.Washavle graphene rapid heating technology, built in AIHF core atent, it is precisely woven by high-tech equipment, a new generation of high-hech materials with uniform heating, efficient energy conversion, air permeability, washable and foldable.

4. Use the black technology material properties of graphene, release 5-25μm far infrared light, stimulating the resonance fever of water molecules in human cells, release heat from inside out, promote blood circulation and relieve pain.

5. The inner layer is made of graphene and the outer layer is made of Lycra fabric with design, which can fullay release heat. Lycra fabric is soft, comfortable, light and elastic. At the same time, its moisture absorption is 50% htgher than that of cotton fiber. It is the first choice for close fitting clothes, which can keep your body dry and ventilated.

6. 3D cutting, all-round package, strictly follow the ergonomics, adopt the 3D cutting fitting the human body curve, increase the heating package area, provide you with warm care.


Model : CH-02

Color : Grey

Size : 1100mm*200mm

Fabric Compostition: Terylene/Spandex

Input: 5V/2A

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