Hight-tech Graphene

Stable surface temperature, even heating, ventilation, washable, foldable, high safety factor.

3 mode temperature control, heat uniformity, only 4 steps, easy to use. 10 seconds fast heating, 60 seconds can reach 95'F - 131 'F preset temperoture.

Fast Heating

10 seconds fast heating, temperature up to 95- 131℃

The inner layer is made of graphene and the outer layer is made of Lycra fabric with design, which can fullay release heat. Lycra fabric is soft, comfortable, light and elastic. At the same time, its moisture absorption is 50% htgher than that of cotton fiber. It is the first choice for close fitting clothes, which can keep your body dry and ventilated.

Far-infrared Therapy

High tech fast release far infrared light wave physicaltherapy, hit the pain point quickly to relieve the pain.

Use the black technology material properties of graphene, release 5-25μm far infrared light, stimulating the resonance fever of water molecules in human cells, release heat from inside out, promote blood circulation and relieve pain.

Ergonomic Design

3D cutting, all-round package, strictly follow the ergonomics, adopt the 3D cutting fitting the human body curve, increase the heating package area, provide you with warm care.